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Spark Note: The Power of Music

By April 26, 2020March 10th, 2023JumpSpark

Hayley Lieberman is a sophomore at the Weber school. She loves singing and writing songs, spending time with family and friends, and being outside.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve found myself writing. Whether it be in a diary, poems, or a country love ballad, I have always used a pen and paper to express my emotions. I first picked up a ukelele when I was in third grade – it was the closest thing I could get to playing guitar. I wrote songs about boys and world peace, inspired by the music around me. For me, writing is a cleansing and therapeutic process, which is channeled through my music. That is why I’ve been writing bundles of songs during this quarantine. 

Every day I sit underneath dim lighting in front of my piano and try to flesh out a melody or lyrics. It passes the time so quickly. I’m not going to lie, writing has been hard this past month; I have nothing new to write about. I try to dive into the lives of TV characters. I’m currently rewatching Gossip Girl, so it’s never difficult to find some drama to write about. 

But writing music isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing. Every day I try to find a new album to indulge myself in. There’s no feeling better than when a song runs deep through my core. I listen to music when I fall asleep, study, wake up, exercise, and more. It makes the boredom and time float away. My current favorite song is “Brave” by Ruston Kelly. It makes me feel like no matter what I’ve been through, I have and will always come out stronger. I think that is a message that resonates with everyone right now. It’s important to remember that no matter what happens, our community will come out of this secure and determined. Now, more than ever, it is important to write about this unique time in history and immerse yourself in your favorite songs. 

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