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My Day in the Life of An Israeli Teenager

By February 9, 2022April 4th, 2023JumpSpark

My name is Lidor I’m from Israel, I think my life is good and I want to tell you why:

I am able to learn something I like – to program. At my school I have been learning a software called C#. As far as I know, this software is the best if you are new to the world called programming. Don’t try to learn Python- this software will confused you. And sometimes at my school I am doing my assignments at lunches break or at breakfasts.

I live in Yokneam Illit, a city in the north of the country. Don’t worry about the rain because the amount of rain is equal to the amount of rain that falls in the desert. But from time to time the weather is insane. For example, one day the weather will be hot and on the following day, the weather will be cold with a rain. If we are lucky enough, we will get some hail and I have been loving it since I was born.

I have a brother, whose name is Shai. His school is very close to my school, so I accompany him to his school because there is a small construction site next to our house and he gets scared of things like that. On the other hand, he is quite successful at school (he has some difficulty in reading sentences in English, but he will understand the words and overcome that.)

When I’m free from school assignments or home assignments, I like to listen to any type of music (except rock), I like to play videos games, or reading books, especially Harry Potter or thrillers.

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